everyONE: Focus on Economic Growth through Leadership Development at the Community Levels as an Effective Response to HIV and AIDS in Africa
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programs: everyone's children

everyONE's Children is a program that cares for children who may have lost their mother or father or both to AIDS. We believe that children, in such situation, or any child for that matter, should live and be raised within their community along with family members, relatives, friends and others rather than being cared for by orphanages.

In order to enable families and relatives care for the children, everyONE is providing support as follows: monthly groceries, school fees, clothing, medical care (if needed and when needed) as well as support in studying through community tutoring.

To date, everyONE cares for one hundred twenty five children in Addis Ababa. These children are living under the hardest conditions due to the prevailing poverty. everyONE aims to raise the number of children in its care to 200 by the second year (2005). In 2006, we hope to reach 300 and sustain this number, thereafter. The support for each child varies depending on the needs and has a ceiling of ETB 185 (equivalent to 21.00 USD) per month. everyONE's support is equally provided for children who may be sero-positive or negative, without discrimination. To further enhance the increment of the number of children to be supported everyONE has a sponsorship program. Please consider sponsoring a child now!

Read our success stories of hope and transformation.These are true stories that represent the power of the human touch.

everyONE's elders

everyONE's Elderly is a program committed to address the issue of the elderly who have lost their supporters and are carrying multiple burdens at a time of ever decreasing resources. Such elder people have become primary care givers for their sons and daughters and grandchildren who are affected and/or infected with HIV/ AIDS and related diseases, and more particularly this responsibility falls primarily on elder women.

According to the latest UNAIDS report, the number of African children who have lost one or both parents to the epidemic by the end of 2000 – 12.1 million – is forecasted to be more than double over the next decade. However the elderly are not recognized or supported in current intervention on HIV/AIDS. Understanding the whole situation in the country, everyONE believes that the elderly ought to be supported within the heart of the community.

Now, in an effort to put support mechanisms in place, everyONE is supporting 60 elderly people. This support is given in three intervention sites through an elderly team at the headquarter and intervention sites teams. The intervention sites are: Kolfe site - extreme poverty, no NGO activity , high number of older people living with out support; Alert site - high number of persons living and or affected by Leprosy and lack of HIV/AIDS and Development programs; and Semen Mazegaja site – one of the areas with highest HIV/AIDS prevalence in Addis Ababa, high number of elderly who are burdened with feeding their grandchildren.

Each site thus has 20 elderly people being supported by the organization from February 2004 onwards. everyONE's elderly program is involved more on development and care giving. They are engaged in light skill training such as cotton spinning and 'sefed' making, a traditional utensil.

Read our success stories of hope and transformation.These are true stories that represent the power of the human touch.