everyONE: Focus on Economic Growth through Leadership Development at the Community Levels as an Effective Response to HIV and AIDS in Africa
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everyONE's Children is a program that cares for children who may have lost their mother or father or both to AIDS. We believe that children, in such situation, or any child for that matter, should live and be raised within their community along with family members, relatives, friends and others rather than being cared for by orphanages.

In order to enable families and relatives care for the children, everyONE is providing support as follows: monthly groceries, school fees, clothing, medical care (if needed and when needed) as well as support in studying through community tutoring.

Any individual can support a child for only 21 dollars a month. The sponsor could communicate with the child by any means possible to develop a relationship.

For about less than a dollar, $0.70 cents a day, you can sponsor a child with his/her daily groceries, school fee, school uniforms, clothes, and essential medical care. You receive a photo of your child, biographical information and letters keeping you informed of their progress. Because our administrative costs come out of our general fund 100% of your donation goes directly to support your child.

If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact us at support@everyone-ethiopia.org.